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“I had wanted and needed a website for my business for years, and Margot helped make that happen faster than I ever imagined. It was an easy and enjoyable collaborative process. I especially appreciated Margot’s eye for design. Friends and colleagues with whom I shared my website when it first went live had the same reaction: ‘It’s very you!’ That says it all, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Margot!”

“Margot created a powerful new web identity that captured the core essence of me and my business. From concept to execution, her experience and creativity shined through at every step. I had a surge in new business as soon as we implemented her marketing strategy … a testament to the quality, integrity, and energy she brings to her work.”

“The saying ‘You don’t care how much a person knows, until you know how much they care’ applies to Margot. Communication specialists and web producers are plentiful in the marketplace. What makes Margot truly valuable is her ability to connect authentically, care deeply, and deliver what she promises.”

“Margot hired my firm, Prospect Marketing, to program the backend of her new website design at We were able to satisfy her design needs within the parameters of an open source content management system. She was open to suggestions regarding SEO and SEM, and we provided support through the process. She is a pleasure to work with, professional and an excellent communicator.”

“Margot is the ultimate professional. She is always full of creative ideas and knows how to implement them into action. Her writing is fluid and dynamic, and her curiosity and knowledge about a wide variety of subjects makes her a pleasure to work with on any project.”

“Margot is a leader in her industry. She has years of experience and communicates well with all. Margot could work from the MOON and still do a great job! She can balance her job wherever she is.”

“Margot is an energetic person with very positive energy who exudes enthusiasm in all that she does. She is reliable, creative, and conscientious. Margot expresses herself very well, and has the keen ability to understand how her words and skills will effectively communicate your message. You will be very pleased that you contacted Margot for your communication needs.”

“Margot is very sharp and can grasp the needs of a client with a minimum of fuss and time. Speaking of time, she delivers the goods on time. Hire her. You won’t be sorry.”

“A vivid and compassionate writer of non-fiction short stories and contemporary blogs, Margot is a talented and fun collaborator. She is adept at editing and managing detail. You will want to bottle her laugh.”

“Margot brings the rare combination of knowledge, perception, and grace to all her projects. She is always professional, always generous with ideas and heart.”

“Margot has a keen eye and many talents. She’s serious, disciplined, reliable, and thorough.”

“I have known Margot Page for nearly twenty years. She is highly creative, personable, and very reliable. She was instrumental in a very successful marketing campaign in our local community. I am confident that you will be very pleased with her work product.”

“Margot is a gifted mentor and writing coach. I had the pleasure of working with her through the initial stages of writing my first novel. During that time, Margot and I met on a regular basis. She encouraged me to begin stream-of-consciousness writing, collecting ‘golden nuggets’ from previous writing, and organizing what I had to work with to begin to craft a story. Her encouragement and support during those few months were true gifts to me. Anyone who works with Margot will have the good fortune of working with a talented writing professional, not to mention a warm soul with a deep desire to help others find their way on the page.”

“Margot is a bright, dedicated, and efficient personality. Her work reflects her attention to details and her creativity. I highly recommend Margot.”

“Margot is a detailed-oriented expert and has developed wonderful communication systems for creatives, business professionals, and more. I highly recommend her for your next project.”

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